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PROPAGANDA [Shocking Documentary]


"North Korea is only one of a few places that the banksters have not infiltrated. Could this and this docu. info. be the reason why the west do not like North Korea and perhaps want to silence them? Could it be that they have sussed out everything that most in the west have not? Are you aware that you are being mind controlled today and never knew it until now after seeing this documentary? It is shocking so beware." - B1uebott1e1 -

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  • 1nf1n1ty#

    1nf1n1ty December 13, 2013 5:15:25 AM CET

    Well worth watching. The Korean narrator certainly did a thorough investigation and has pretty much summed up the "Western World" accurately.
    No exaggeration or fabricated lies told here, just the truth.
    Thank you to the OP.

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