The War We dont see, Pleiadian truth, The Illuminati kill our allies Part 1

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Before you send a hostile comment, open your mind and think a little will you, if there is GOOD and BAD in not the same in them? If we were truly alone or under attack without any ally, we wouldnt have made it this that NWO will use 2012 as a stag...

Before you send a hostile comment, open your mind and think a little will you, if there is GOOD and BAD in us...Why not the same in them? If we were truly alone or under attack without any ally, we wouldnt have made it this far...Its that simple... NWO will use 2012 as a staging point for their master plan if you dont believe me LOOK AT MY LAST 20 VIDEOS! Time is running out and most are asleep or watching American Idol or do not take this serious, tho after what happened on 8/8/08 more people are listening to me and my predictions. In response to my belief I have started the EDF to defend our planet from not only the NWO but everything else, our goal is to end the destruction of our planet thru pollution, Stop the false Wars raging across most the world (Taking people in power out of office will do this) and end world hunger(There is more then enough food to feed everyone the hunger crisis is made up by the NWO), Finally to solve the energy crisis (USA government has had clean energy for about 100 years now BTW Nicola Tesla invented it first) I have as of right now over 1,000 people in my group awake and ready to do something about it, we need more tho! EVERYONE, that is UNHAPPY with this world...Its lies,Its Poison,Its Crime,Its Pointless Wars... Join me and my group the EDF We wish build a base/sanctuary for people to study the truth of our planet, to train to become better people both physically and mentally. We are building a website right now that will allow us to have video meetings to become more organized and gather resources We are going to Fix this world, Make this a better place for us and our families and children even if we die trying...Anything can stop one man.. JFK,WILLIAM COOPER,JOHN LENNON,LINCOLN the list goes on... but nothing can stop many men... We can end hunger,disease,suffering... We have the technology to do ALL of this now just the people in power (Rockefeller,Rothschild,Bush,Clinton, Royal Family ect) Are holding this back, holding us back! Killing our children with pointless Wars and poisoning us with chemicals like fluoride and aspartame,MSG,barium,aluminum,ect These wars they profit off of, Are to distract us from whats really going on...The time for REAL leaders to stand up is now! You may think you are worthless or alone or life is horrible and pointless but thats what they want! You are a strong person,You have more power then you think, We are all born with unique gifts no one else has. We just been lead to be sheep... If each person who watches this video, says something is NOT right... And looks at my other 400 videos I have posted to get the BIG picture and joins us THEY WILL NOT STAND A CHANCE! I dont care what color you are, What sex, What age, What creed! If you are a human, You can join with us! We will stand by you till the end... The time is now to wake up and ACT! People give money to churches and charities that pocket it! Reverans and preachers driving 75,000$ cars..While the average family going to that church cant make both ends MEET! That is the lie they tell you to make you more their slave.. Why not donate that money to a cause that will actually save this planet and your family, like the EDF! Please contact me and let me know you wish to help. I receive many emails a day but I promise to get to each email I receive, Ask any of the friends I have on my list, I reply to every email! I have 10 year old boys telling me they want to help fix this world, WHY CANT GROWN MEN TELL ME THIS?! Heres a example...wildrocks29 is only 10 and wants to help, sad that most people twice his age are more worried about football then the world... If this young man can realize this world is messed up REALLY bad why cant you?! Im talking to the people that are asleep, that think the world is fine, if for one minute you think that you wont feel the burn we feel you will... They will come down harder and harder on us till they break us. Price of food is about to Sky rocket as is Gas yet again,the markets are crashing right now! WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE WAKE UP... Probably not until you find yourself like us... Broke and worrying about were the rent money will come, Dont let it get to that point tho... Look at my other videos, Figure out what the real world is.. We need to stand together.. Stop hating each other and listening to their lies...Killing each other to make them richer, Lets be the good brother and help the weaker brother that has fallen down, pick them back up so they can stand tall next to us, Embrace one another and unite...This is our only chance.. 3 Parts:

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