Hercolubus. WHAT?????

UPDATE. Solar and Quake Links would be found in a solar system called Tilo course, that would be closer to the Earth and in the twentieth century prophesied that produce catastrophe of apocalyptic end times , the 11 of August of 1999 .The writer cited Rabol supposedly astronomical data considered relevant to consider the alleged threat of Tilo. 4 5 6 These data would be his size, 6 times larger than Jupiter in July and that the action of its huge gravitational field would be the producer of a major disaster. Affirms that Hercobulus is about 500 AU (astronomical units: the average distance between Earth and the Sun, about 150 million kilometers) from Earth and when approaching to 4 AU from Earth, generate a catastrophe. Also mentions that in 1999 and the planet would be observed as a major star at dawn. 8According Rabol in his book, Hercobulus would have passed through the Earth some 13,000 years ago, destroying the ancient civilization of Atlantis .Hercolubus or Red Planet has aroused curiosity in many followers of the philosophies pertaining to the current New Age , however lacks the slightest scientific basis . Rabol follower of the doctrine Gnostic touted by the late Samael Aun Weor (Vctor Gmez Rodrguez), argues that the goal of the approach is the assumption Hercobulus purification earth aura.

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