Anonymous - Egypts Unjust Law

  • Uploaded by Nofork160 on Dec 4, 2013
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Greetings to the government of Egypt, we are the past months we have seen, your brutal force, of both military and police, pound, and censor journalists, reporters, and many peaceful that in mind the government of Egypt, has a passed a law, that "regulates" demonstrations. Honestly, this law basically bans protests. During the past 72 hours more than 130 (and counting) protesters have been arrested ever since the law has been passed, and in the coming years. The jail cells will soon house the entire population of law also gives the police more powers. In the aftermath of it, the police have taken this opportunity to sexually harass, abuse, and mistreat women. Torture, beat, and detain innocent of the arrests the police have done so far are ridiculous and at times, police are heavily abusing their authority, and we will not stand by such injustice to the people they detain, abuse, mistreat, harass, and yourselves, will this law really regulate peaceful demonstrations? Anonymous, has seen the police use tear gas, riot shields, and water cannons, this will not regulate protests, it will only make an coming of an unknown is not a police state, this is far from that. This country is under a military the path of Egypt, is falling are anonymousWe are legionWe never forgiveWe never forgetTo the government of Egypt, expect "Law",0,#axzz2lo8: is for are Anonymous,We are do not do not us.

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