What Jesus has to do with Sins or Laws?What sins have to do with God, our spiritual Father? Anti-Christ Priests blast .....

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What Jesus has to do with Sins or Laws?What sins have to do with God, our spiritual Father? Anti-Christ Priests blast sins to frighten innocent people.

Today, I went to the Regent College Hall, Oxford to listen to theological seminar and they were talking about The Good, the Right and the Beautiful, The Shape of Christian Moral Reasoning. I was late and people were asking questions. I picked up the gist of lecture from the questions and asked Dr. Joshua Hordern a question.
Transgression against the moral laws are sins. Moral laws are "Letters" written by men Priests of Moses and the sins are forgiven by the men, Rabbis. Moral laws are established by the Rabbis in order to discipline their Disciples to behave morally or be punished by their Rabbis in the manner of a School Teacher. Thus, the intake of the Rabbis is the natural once-born men who are taught the moral laws and they are subject to sins. Those who keep the moral laws they are called Angels. Good Rabbis are Angels such as John, the Baptist of the Levi tribe was an Angel, a witness, Moon, to the Light, Sun, but not the Light. Thus, the roots of the moral laws are in the Light of God called Gospel or Oral Torah. Thus, a good Rabbi is a Freeman but he being bound by the Moral laws that he teaches, he himself does not enjoy a Free will. That is why Christ Peter said, Angels are subject to sins. So, in short sins are for the natural man to discipline him and he is bound by the Moral Laws.
Moral laws are made by men and so, they are forgiven by men too as in confessions to the modern hireling Dog-Collar Father Priests who have replaced the Sacked Temple Priests from the Yoke of which Christ Jesus set us Free by giving His own sacrifice. Or these present Priests are worse off than the Rabbis to whom Christ Jesus gave His Sacrifice as the Lamb of God.
In Jesus, our covenant is of holy spirit, which is nothing else but common sense in our spiritual Father God. It is the Holy Spirit of God that is Extra Ordinary Sense from our Supernatural Father God. So, in Jesus, we worship God in truth and in spirit but NOT in the letters of the law anymore as Spirit is Free of Flesh to which the moral laws apply. Thus, transgression of holy spirit is blasphemy or hypocrisy. And as it originates from the hearts of the Temple Priests and their stooges during the Trial of Jesus. That is, the Jews blasphmied against the wills of their own hearts to accuse Jesus falsely. On Jesus instructing the Pilate that you are sitting on this Judgement Seat because of my Father so far you do not tell lies and go against the will of your own heart. Judge it yourself and not what the crowd shouts. Pilate knew Jesus was a good man and they are accusing him out of jealousy. So, he declared that he finds no fault in Jesus demanding such harsh punishment but if you, the Jews insist that His blood be on you and your children, then take him and judge for yourself. So, the Pilate washed his hands of the Jesus’ affairs under the Sun, our Father God as his witness. So, the Jews took away Jesus and did their own wills to crucify Him. They got their own temple soldiers to beat and crucify Him. Thus, Jesus was crucified by the blasphemers and as Blasphmey is against Holy Spirit, so no man could punish them. That is, the blasphemers got scott-free from men of authority such as the King Pilate but not from God. For this blasphemey their Temple was destroyed forever and they were thrown out of the Promised Land as well. Today, they are getting bundled up for the Final Burning as stated in Matt.13.v24-30 that when the end of the world comes, I will bundle them up and burn.
Light came among his own Chosen People and they rejected Light for Darkness. So, when a Blind Guide, Rabbi, leads the blind Disciples, they will fall into the Pit of Death as it happened during the Holocausts. Thus, you cannot blame the killers such as Hitler, English, etc. but the Jews themselves who rejected the Light of God.
Thus, God punishes the culprits of blasphemy on communal basis against the sins that are punished on individual basis. In India, the partition, 1984 riots, etc. are of their own making.
Remember that the falsehoods are sugar-coated tablets sweeter than honey and many, especially the once-born natural men are caught up in this net of sectarian deaths. This is prevalent in this Dark Age and you have to become solitary in spirit for Life.
So, anyone who talks about sin in Churches is Anti-Christ and the Messianic Jews have corrupted the New Testament introducing such words as Lord, Law of God, Jesus commanded, etc. that the once-born people cannot detect the corruptions. Letter killeth; spirit giveth life. Or we are no more under sins of letters but the righteousness of heart.

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