Why we need to expose the hypocrite Dog-Collared Priests and politicians through Gospel? - 2

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Now, going against the holy spirit in favour of evil spirit is called blasphemy, which is not forgivable by the Priests of Moses but by God only. Blasphemy is nothing else but hypocrisy.
As sins are transgressions against the written moral laws, the Letters, men can read them and apply. These moral laws apply to the natural man in Adam, our Natural forefather and not to the spiritual men in God, our Supernatural Father that governs the Nature as Jesus stopped the storm that rocked the boat and performed many miracles because He belonged to our Supernatural Father. The Twelve Labourers of Jesus called Apostles did the same as Jesus did. So, in Jesus we are not concerned with the moral laws but hypocrisy that is to be exposed through or on the basis of His Word or Gospel. As Gospel is not for everyone but those to whom our Father giveth, not everyone can expose the hypocrisy especially these hireling Dog-Collared Priests and their stooges Politicians. Watch how the politicians lick the feet of Pope, the Anti-Christ for the sake of votes. So, we expose the hypocrisy of the hypocrites on individual basis as we are solitary and each one of us is accountable himself to God what he says. As the blasphemers are greater in number than the exposers of hypocrisy such as Asange has done recently, the Labourers of Jesus suffer in exposing the hypocrisy. For this reason, each of us carries his own cross ready to die as the Lamb of God defending Holy Spirit or the Gospel Truth.

So, Darkness is created by the Anti-Christs and if these dirty-hearted hypocrites are allowed to rule over others, they will make people suffer. Thus, people with cleaner conscience ruled over those with dirty or evil conscience or spirit. So, the atheists who treat others as they wished to be treated are worshipping God in truth and in spirit whilst the people having Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon Priests are worshipping Satan of the highest order creating sectarian riots such as in Ireland giving a bad name to the Christianity of Holy Spirit. To judge who is a sinner or not, you need a Priest well versed in the Letters of the Bible as today, you find these Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches and they talk about sins, prayers and fasting, the old Jewish system from which Jesus as the Lamb of God has set us FREE. By doing so, you are turning the clock back making the sacrifice of Jesus as the Lamb of God in vain and binding yourself worse than before the arrival of Jesus - Matt12v43-45. So, in Jesus, you have been set Free and you need to be spiritually awake to be solitary and be capable of Preaching Gospel from the roof tops. These hireling Priests are the greatest hypocrites turning stones, simple-minded people, into bread. They are like the civil servants in uniforms drawing money from the Church Purse like Judas Iscariot and retiring at the age of 65 or so. Blind to spirit people go to such Churches of Mammon and become fanatics to create sectarian riots. They cannot give your account to God but you yourself need to do it.
Thus, anyone who is getting paid for Preaching Gospel, talks about sins and engages people in prayers, he is anti-christ. As Jesus Himself was Solitary and He turned His Labourers solitary, so we need to appreciate the Word of God announced by our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. We need to Preach Gospel in honour of Christ Jesus to glorify our Father as Jesus did. This is called Eating the Flesh of Jesus or what came out of the Mouth of God and taking it to our hearts for digestion in fellowships, then Preaching it independently in honour of Christ Jesus, which is called Drinking the Blood of Christ from the same Cup as our Bridegroom Jesus Drank. Not everyone is capable of Grafting Himself to the True Vine Christ Jesus planted by our Father in His Vineyard with Narrow Gate, where we go for our Daily Bread. This Narrow Gate is found by the seekers by the grace of our Father.
Thus, in Christ Jesus, we need to expose the hypocrite Dog-Collared Priests and their supporters the crook politicians who keep them happy for their votes. You must put your own cross in honour of Christ Jesus.
Remember that the blasphemers who accused Jesus at the Trial went Scot-Free whilst the sinners were punished. Roman King Pilate knew that they are shouting was wrong but he could not punish the whole community behind the Temple High Priest but God punishes people who go against their holy spirit. Temple was destroyed forever, Chosen People thrown out of the Promised Land because they were unfaithful to Abraham and they suffered holocausts for being unfaithful to Yahweh as well. Today, they are getting bundled up in Israel for the Final Burning in 2018 when Israel is 70 years old.
Because people go Scott-free in blasphemy, our Father God punishes them. That is the reason why we forgive those who harm us. This is called your own conscience bears fruit; holy to holy and evil to evil.

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