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Parrots Annoying Cats Compilation

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Dec 5, 2013
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Parrots are friendly funny birds. But apparently lots of them just love to annoy cats. Check out this video compilation of parrots annoying (in order of appearance):1. Parrot annoys cat: Parrot Relentlessly Annoying Cat: Paciencia Gatuna - Cat and parrot are friends: Parrot vs. Cat epic Food-Fight !: Sleepy cat and parrot : Cat vs Parrot: Tags: "birds annoying cats, birds, bird, birds annoying, annoying birds, parrot annoys cat, cat vs parrot, grumpy cat,grumpy, upset cat, cat sleeps, cat waken up, compilation, supercut, cats compilation, funny compilation, video, pets, animals, pet, animal, funny animals, funny pets"

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