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VIRAL - Philadelphia Experiment Caught On Google Earth?

OBVIOUSLY, They are tracking this channel. This should tell you something about where the truth is. You can no longer see this object because Google Earth removed it less than one hour after this vid ON THE DATE OF THIS PHOTO IN WORLD HISTORY MAY 7:(After reading, you will see why it is fitting for the sillouette of a ship to appear on this date)1915 World War I Lusitania Sunk By Torpedo 7th May 1915 : A German torpedo sinks the British Ocean liner Lusitania off the Irish coast, killing nearly 1,200 people. At the BEGINNING of surrendered on same day in 1945, May 7 EFFECTIVELY ENDING WW2!: to German UFO event within days of when this Google Earth image was taken:(UFO May 2, Google May 7)

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