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New Details! ISON Debris Trails Maybe 40 Million Miles Fully Fanned Out!


  • Dannydix#

    Dannydix January 4, 2014 4:34:14 PM CET

    Reading around the web, 2014 is going to be a real BUMMER.

    NEAREST I CAN FIGURE (sorry for the shouting back there) ....Ison will hit us, wiping out the grid with the Carrington effect, Fukushima will go critical, dumping tons of radionuclides on our heads, Cumbre Vega will slip, creating a mega tsunami that will hit the east coast and take out all the coastal reactors thereby kick starting thirty more FufuS so the whole place will be toast.

    Aaaaaggh....... (Sorry, that wasn't cool)

    OK....Tomorrow I'm off to buy me a brand new red Ferrari and a super yacht and I'm gonna hire me five or six "personal assistants" (you know, the ones that charge in seven minute increments) to play with for a few months until.......well, it's not as though I'm ever going to have to pay for this stuff, right?

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