Sandy Hook 911 Operator Saying FAKE cleaned up by Michael Rivero - You can hear FAKE well

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Dec 7, 2013
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Michael Rivero of cleaned up the section of the 911 operator saying FAKE in regards to the shooting. He took out the background noise. Here is the 7 seconds of the cleaned up audio of tape 2 of the 911 is the original video about is what Michael Rivero said once he cleaned it up and posted the information:This sounds like one of those stories that is too good to be true, so in this age of deliberately planted hoaxes to discredit the independent media I went over to the USA Today website and downloaded the Sandy Hook Tape 2 for myself, washed out some of the noise in the background, and created this mp3 file of the relevant portion where we hear the word "Fake" followed by the order to get off of the phone.

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