World Government Election Fraud 2012 Preview

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Study history, governments can be held accountable, share the truth and do your own research. Barack Obama claimed to develop every source of American made energy and America has not developed hemp fuel that is a superior energy source. The actions of the United Nations have been terrorizing people in countries around the world. Cannabis is a superior food source and medicine that could be cheaper, who doesn't want cheaper cannabis to investigate curing cancer? The International Monetary Fund claim to facilitate global trade and cannabis is banned or limited in so many countries around the world keeping the cost of living artificially high while people suffer and die.
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The security of countries and the global economy is being undermined, business does not have to be so limited, there could be a lot more local and global trade, look at all the coffee shops, cannabis could be cheap and abundant without a license or ID. This free documentary presents evidence, solutions and sources, watch the full documentary before jumping to conclusions. Criminals and frauds benefit from people not investigating or taking research seriously.

There used to be a document on the CIA website about Global Governance

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