Hidden Science [Manjir Samanta Laughton @ ThePeople'sVoice]

EMF, Quantum Entanglement, Time Travel and The Holographic Universe - all of these subjects and many more are explored in HIDDEN SCIENCE, the new show from The Peoples Voice.

Navigating the frontiers of knowledge and scientific discovery, HIDDEN SCIENCE is a weekly show featuring debates and discussion from some of the leading thinkers and scientific minds of our time. Quantum realities and simulation theories, Black Holes, super humans and supressed Tesla technologies take the spotlight: examined, discussed and debated by scientists, researchers and leading thinkers in their respective fields, in a comfortable and relaxed setting at TPV studios.

At its heart, HIDDEN SCIENCE has a commitment to investigating those astounding scientific theories of our time that are measurable and verifiable, yet in many cases steadfastly ignored (or supressed?) by the mainstream. Rather than indulge in vague explorations of esoteric themes and conjecture, HIDDEN SCIENCE sets its target on deeper and more meaningful discussion of some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time, as well as the real world impact they have on our health, wellbeing and world culture.

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