New Found Magic Giant Alien Planet crushes the calculator of Professional Science x Infinity + 1!

  • Uploaded by Grey on Dec 8, 2013
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ZOMG That Massive Alien planet should not be there! Is one of the crazy things Science says as The Mass and Orbital distance of new found planet HD 106906 B has totally confounded baffled shocked stunned confused and gobbstopped Scientists and astronomers. Their planet formation and accretion disk theory collapsing under attack again. There is no model on record that explains how a Gas Giant 11 times the size of Jupiter can be in orbit 650 astronomical units away from its host star. This planet was found by Vanessa Bailey a fifth year astronomy graduate student who leads the team at the University of Arizona. It was detected by the thermal infrared camera mounted on the Magellan telescope in the Atacama Desert in Chile and confirmed by Hubble. With NASA and the ESA having to use most of their resources to help the United States of America government spy on its own people, amateur astronomers, student physicists, pseudo scientists and an global army of interns straight out of the service economy have stepped up to fill the gap. This ain't the Golden Age of National Space programs, that's for sure. So the a giant cloud of dust and gas collapses to form the Sun Mercury Venus Earth the Moon Mars Vesta Ceres Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto Neptune Makemake Charon Orcus Quaoar Varnua Haumea Dysnomia Xena Huya Ixiom Pallas Hygiea Eris & Sedna? No way dude! That theory sounds silly and it sounds like the Universe agrees with me! Hey. Guess what? The Hubble helped them find this brand new baby planet. Oh, sure, they try and carbon date the thing with a telescope. I've given up on trying to get Amy Mainzer Phil Plait & Karl Battams to answer questions, I will never give up on Mike Brown aka @PlutoKiller I discuss him and Sedna in passing. Let us see what else? Oh. We find the most beautiful female celestial mechanic in the world, Tiffany Meshkat and huffington post forces us to talk about Robot HJs which is weird. Our Universe is an Amazing & Awesome thing, y' come on along, let us learn some cool shit!I'm am trying to learn about the Heavens. Be bless everyone,Stay Cool, to talk about it?meet me on the tweet me on the twitter @NewThorTHORnews loves you, baby. - Love, THOR

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