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Fukushima Disaster Map In Terminator Movie 2 FULL YEARS BEFORE EVENT [Enterthe5t4rz]


In this scene, take notice of his hat. It is an upside pyramid and all seeing eye.

At exactly 36:11 in the movie, we see a 7-11 sign. Hanging from the "eleven" is a symbol of two number 3s reversed and superimposed on one another. 3-11 was the date of Fukushima.

At 82 minutes we see the eerie similarities of Skynet to Fukushima's blue theme:

Warning to shills. The beam of light clearly intensifies and points EXACTLY to Fukushima as it reaches its brightest point. Any comments that attempt to derail this thread, are rude or condescending will immediately be removed. The next try, you will be banned. You have been warned.

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