September 11th, 1994 White House Plane Crash - The Forgotten Night

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On the night of September 11th, 1994 an airplane was allegedly stolen from a small airport near Aberdeen, Maryland and flown directly toward the White House and through the most protected airspace in the entire country. This plane was allegedly flown by a man who was drunk, and high on cocaine, and never completed his flight training. The anti-aircraft system didn't work around the white house, and the plane, which had allegedly been on radar for 7 minutes was never reported to the secret service and no warning was plane then allegedly glided silently toward the white house lawn, where it skid, took out some shrubs and ended up slamming into the wall of the white house right below where the presidents bedroom is, breaking a window and "scratching" a wall. There were a number of temporary structures set up outside the White House - in the form of temporary bleachers which were later moved. The shrubs were re-planted and everything was cleaned up by the next Cessna was then covered with a tarp, to make sure its identification numbers could not be seen and was removed from the of being treated like a crime scene, all of the evidence was removed as quickly as possible, most of it during the dead of night. Even after this event, people from the "intelligence community" came forward talking about how they were worried terrorists would use civilian aircraft for an attack, so, how is it possible that less than a decade later most of the high-ranking officials could be so surprised and "caught off guard" that terrorists would use civilian aircraft for an attack in 2001?How is it possible there is no video evidence from any of the White House security, or security around the White house that could confirm that this airplane was even flying through the area? Not one video? Only two bums can confirm they saw a light and heard an explosion - the other bum says it was two is it possible that the surface to air missiles never seem to work when our most protected airspace and buildings are threatened?- jets are never scrambled and there are such problems with "communication" when we are spending billions- if not trillions of dollars on national security for just these types of scenarios?Is it a coincidence that both Sept 11th 1994, and Sept 11th 2001-Slow flying, civilian aircraft avoided being intercepted after doing U-turns over protected airspace and being on radar for a long having surface to air missiles fire upon them, or being intercepted in any "Bounced off the lawn", and hit the bottom level of secure their radar transponders turned not injure anyone high-up in our used as "warnings" that things needed to be upgraded and increase a "complete surprise".-Had temporary structures set up in front of the "impact locations" - 1994: Temporary bleachers 2001- 9 foot tall reals of wire sitting right in front of the would be carried away covered with a tarp concealing "Crime Scene" protocols would be completely video evidence would be released proving anything (5 frames from 2001 is not video, that's stop-action bullshit).The list really goes on and 1994 seems to be not only a dry run, but a "foreshadowing event" for 2001- to test the waters, see how much people ask to see video evidence, and see to what extent they buy a ridiculous an interesting "Side Note Coincidence" Bill Clinton visited the town that the alleged airplane was taken from the day before the event."Press Briefing by Dee Dee MyersSeptember 8, 1994The White House: Office of the Press SecretaryMS. MYERS: Just one quick schedule addition. The President will go to Aberdeen, Maryland on Sunday morning, to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, to a chapel for a prayer service. It's an active AmeriCorps program on an active military base there, and we'll have more details of exactly the timing tomorrow, but that will be the first AmeriCorps event" alleged hijacker Frank Eugene Corder (and his brother) lived in Aberdeen, the same town Clinton visited the day before and the airport was allegedly hijacked from Harford County Airport- which is in Aberdeen Maryland.

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