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Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned? - Dr.Ed Lucidi - Anthony J Hilder

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  • uploaded: Dec 10, 2013
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Former head of FBI Los Angeles, Memphis, Dallas, poisoned with Arsenic says Dr Ed Lucidi who saw the body and treated Mr Gunderson who suffered bladder cancer and died as a result of its spread. Reportedly Mr Gunderson had a very large FBI dossier being a whistleblower against the agency and left out of moral considerations. He spoke to many around the country about his first hand information.. (music by permission Nic Green or Evan Hornsby) https://www.facebook.com/#! nthonyjhilder @anthonyjhilder https://twitter.com/ http://freeworldfilmworks.com/ http://ourenglanduk.com/ http://commoncrime.net/ http:/ ircrap.org/

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