Lloyd Pye - Alien Intervention in Earth's History - Part 1

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" EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG : The Secret History of the Earth and Humanity" - part one The Darwinian theory fails to explain the evolution of the human species . For decades , anthropologists can not find the ' "missing link" . According to the author , the reason is simple: the man is not the result of a natural process of natural selection, but the result of an intervention of bioengineering, an experiment in genetic manipulation. What we can do now in guinea pigs and laboratory cultures , a time - thousands and thousands of years ago - very technologically advanced extraterrestrial creatures would have done it on the first hominids. That's why Lloyd Pye -support - our history must be rewritten. Born in Louisiana in the United States , a writer and researcher Lloyd Pye American alternative considered among the greatest exponents of the so-called "Theory of Intervention " , according to which homo sapiens is the result of genetic engineering techniques are being taken over by alien entities hominids in ancient times . Since 1999, Pye is undergoing various scientific tests a strange skull discovered in the last century in Mexico, says that the first results demonstrating the non-terrestrial origin of the creature to which belong those remains .

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