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BPEarthWatch, Aldebaran, Venus and Hercolubus

  • Uploaded by goku on Dec 11, 2013
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We really should have seen it coming, shouldn't we? This time the lensflare caused by Aldebaran is apparently caused by Venus in some people's mind. And guys - of course the "Hercolubus" still doesn't have anything to do with Venus coming into view... Flare in 2010 : head/hi1/512/20100224_132901_s4h1A.jpg Aldebaran in view : head/hi1/512/20100228_232901_s4h1A.jpg Flare in 2012 : head/hi1/512/20120114_232901_s4h1A.jpg Aldebaran in view : head/hi1/512/20120119_232901_s4h1A.jpg "Hercolubus" in 2008 : head/hi1/512/20080814_232901_s4h1A.jpg

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