Ancient lake on Mars evidence of life?

Subscribe to ITN News: have discovered evidence of an ancient freshwater lake on Mars, and it is well suited to microbial life. The lake was located inside Gale Crater where a NASA Mars rover landed in August last year. Researchers say the lake likely covered an area 31 miles long and 3 miles wide, though its size varied over time. Analysis of sedimentary deposits gathered by the Curiosity rover shows the lake existed for at least tens of thousands of years, possibly longer. Clays drilled out from two rock samples in the area known as Yellowknife Bay also show the lake existed at a time when other parts of Mars were dried up or dotted with acidic pools, ill-suited for life. In contrast, the lake in Gale Crater could have supported a simple class of rock-eating microbes, which on Earth are commonly found in caves and hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. Report by Mark us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google+: stories from ITN:RARE HANDSHAKE- President Obama shakes hands with Cuba's Raul Castro: African president booed before Mandela memorial speech: fight breaks out at Brazilian football match: statue torn down and smashed with hammers in Ukraine: gingerbread house you can actually live in? Check it out: Mandela dies at 95: A tribute to the South African leader- Mandela's very first television interview: moment a man is rescued three days after his boat sank: captures the moment Paul Walker's car burst into flames: Lawson admits taking cocaine: a chimpanzee be considered a person? The legal battle: video of police brutality in Ukraine: wants to use drones to deliver parcels: violence: Sierge warfare on the streets on Bangkok: hard drive worth 4m accidentally thrown away: out Truthloader, the new home of citizen journalism on YouTube. Subscribe now at 2013's Most Watched Videos: our Biggest Videos of All Time: 2012's Most Watched Videos:

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