UBUNTU by Michael Tellinger: No Money = Optimal Life (summary)

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UBUNTU by Michael Tellinger: No Money = Optimal Life (summary) Money was maliciously introduced as a tool of enslavement. Money did NOT evolve out of barter and trade. Banking families think that they own the world and control all of the governments. The majority of people are their slaves. The global banking industry is nothing more than the largest legalized organized crime syndicate. There is no legal documentation of this fraud in the records because the banks and/or the courts withdraw or abandon their claims against the defendant before a judgement is made against them or a precedent is set to insure that there is no record of the victory. This also has to do with the educational system which has nothing really to do with learning because people are indoctrinated into this way of thinking since childhood conditioning humanity into slavery to just follow the orders of people who APPEAR to be in authority (fraudulently). Laws protect the corporations (corPIRATions or corporate pirates) and do NOT serve the people. Corporations have more rights than living breathing human beings. We need a whole new legal system written by the people that serves the actual people. Banks have zero money and ONLY deal with Securitizations, Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Negotiable Instruments, and Special Purpose Vehicles. DISCLAIMER: While it is true that the people themselves have actual rights a person needs to ALSO have an adequate intelligence in order to ASSERT those rights. We live in a slave system and unless you have a high I.Q. then you are deemed to be a slave and if you can not defend yourself in court then you are proven to be a slave deserving of being controlled. If someone does not understand this control system then one is deemed incompetent under the law, insane, or incapable of effectively managing one's own life peacefully. Here is the full 2-hour presentation which includes information about how ancient societies utilized a massive free power grid with monolithic stone structures: * http://youtu.be/gcD1h9DYitg New Economic Rights Alliance * http://NewERA.org.za LINKS: * http://UbuntuParty.org.za * http://MichaelTellinger.com * http://GlobalBEM.com REFERENCES: * http://rense.com/general79/tril.htm * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securitization * http://globalresearch.ca/the-federal-reserve-cartel-the-eight-families KEYWORDS: Michael Tellinger, Ubuntu Movement, New Economic Rights Alliance, Scott Cundill, Ubuntu Liberation Movement, Contributionism, Bank Fraud, Banksters, Organized Crime Syndicate, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, Lehmans, Warburgs, Moses Seifs, Fractional Banking, Fractional Reserve System, Bank of International Settlements, IMF, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Central Bank, Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve Bank, Securitization, Special Purpose Vehicle, Corpirates, Corporate Pirates, Sacred Geometry, Breakthrough Energy Movement, Ancient Breakthrough Energy Technology, Ancient Technology, Amsel Amschel Bauer Mayer Rothschild, Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Negotiable Instruments, Elohim, Anunnaki, Enki, Enlil, Abzu, Sumerian Tablets, Monolithic Stone Structures,

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