'Bitcoin for Old Pharts, Secure Storage, Online-Offline Wallets, & Buying' [Clif High Wujo 12-Dec-2013]

Recording Date (start): 12-Dec-2013, 05:48 AM Pacific Coast of North America Time
YouTube Release Date: 12-Dec-2013
Runtime: 00h 42m 18.0s (2538.0s)

Topics Discussed:
Bitcoin for Old Pharts
Bitcoin's Intrinsic Value
Secure Storage for Bitcoins
Online vs Offline Wallets
Bitcoin Buying and Selling

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Editor's Note: Adjusted and normalized amplitude levels, repaired a gazillion over-modulation clips and removed a handful of coughs (but I did not remove any of the many hundreds of ummms and uhhhhs). If you don't like the editing please go to Clif's website (see link above) and download the original MP3 audio.

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