Nibiru Anunnaki Return Marduk leads 91 World Leaders in Africa Sun Temple December 16th

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Marduk Spacecraft detected in April 2013 (Covered Up) 91 world leaders meet (Anunnaki) at the sun temple monument Pretoria in Africa with their leader Markduk (HUMANITY) CLEANING HOUSE Underground preparedness against Commet ISON / Nibiru Planet X makes it's way to earth for a quick ride out after earth has been demolished it has no value to them anymore they have other planets to hunt down or will they not get away as they always say "Good" overpowers the"Bad" everytime GOD has a plan and it'snot theirs to take over remember The Holy GHOST is the creator these Anunnaki want to play "GOD" but they will not get away for what they have done to us brothers & sisters may we all fight this battle together physically & spirtually AMEN !BREAKING 03/30/13!!! African Army ATTACKS SCIENTIST after DISCOVERING ALIEN TECHNOLOGY December 16th! Comet Ison, World Leaders, South Africa & Sun Temple Worship!HUGE VIDEO!! NELSON MANDELA DIED ON JUNE 26 2013. SO WHY ARE 91 WORLD LEADERS "REALLY" IN AFRICA?Share/Comment/RateCredits to CourageourNerd Z & Dahboo77 But I found a interesting clip of 3/30/13 Crash in Africa scientist found a space craft which I believe was Marduk's space craft the Scientist who took photos, videos and such of the technology he has been approached at gun point by African soldiers and his hard drives were PayDroVThe Anunnaki Are Returning

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