Lloyd Pye - The Starchild Skull - Part 2

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" EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG : The Starchild , an alien among us" - the second part Nearly 14 years of medical examinations and DNA tests have shown that the Starchild was not an unfortunate boy suffering from severe malformations. The morphological and genetic abnormal skull to this point all in one direction, these remains belonged to a creature from another world. Lloyd Pye has all the results - although not yet complete and final - already give a clear indication : 900 years ago , an alien has lived, died and was buried here on Earth . Here's another reason to rewrite our history. Born in Louisiana, United States, Lloyd Pye is an author and researcher at the American alternative considered among the greatest exponents of the so-called "Theory of Intervention " , according to which homo sapiens is the result of genetic engineering techniques hominids carried on by entities alien in ancient times . Since 1999, Pye is undergoing various scientific tests a strange skull discovered in the last century in Mexico, says that the first results demonstrating the non-terrestrial origin of the creature to which belong those remains .

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