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  • OtheklzeR#

    OtheklzeR December 17, 2013 6:59:17 AM CET

    who agreed to give palistine to the kazari/zionist brittian
    who claims to be a decendant of david , the queen
    who is the source for modren masonary (luciferian-ism) england

    My family has never bowed to throne or papacy in more than
    30 generations,

    while you may not catch british idioms I do.

    and "phrasing" may appear to you as american , legal ease was
    nearly invented in england, barristers from the jolly roger england
    and lawyers from america speak the same masonic constitutional
    legalease that varies from bonnet to hood. I can spot those changes
    efforlessly, and they also have a form of comercial code jargon that
    although similar is not exactly the same .

    lastly Americans do not think this way, they are more barr the door and
    powder the guns we are not like brittaens , we are more like john wayne

    who ironicly was a mason

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye December 16, 2013 7:37:20 PM CET

    I have a question for the previous post and a few observations... why would these be Zionists? Zionists have infiltrated all that they want already, the banking system, politics and industry, a revolution would really fuck things up for them. And if you check the fine print in your constitutions you will find you never really had true independence from the throne ;)
    Modern voice generators take typed message input not vocal, otherwise it could be remodulated to reveal the original voice so if that is the only reason you think this came from the UK maybe you need to rethink. It seems glaringly obvious that they are of US descent given language they use such as 'oath of office' which is a distinctly American way of phrasing it.
    There is one main reason for anti US opinions, foreign policy... stick to your own country's resources, stop starting wars, stop attacking weddings and innocents with drones & most of your problems will sort themselves out.

  • OtheklzeR#

    OtheklzeR December 16, 2013 5:07:45 PM CET

    you know you can hear british accents behind the vocal modification and dipthongs
    and quirks of britishlanguage .

    Id say the zionist behind this vid is trying to encyte america into a revolution
    to bring back america under the umbrella of british monarchy to rule by
    order of the united nations
    with the blessing of the pope to attain a one world goverment

    the really bad thing about ANONYMOUS is that they are ANONYMOUS

    the whole discussion sounds righteous on first blush but it is poch marked with
    craters of new law that has skirted these issues,
    Relying on masonic zioist law to create a foundation for civil war is a stupid idea,
    as it is the states who are a party
    to the constitution not the people so that order can be maintained by the contracting signitories
    who represented states. see this weeks colbert report.

    the spider web is complete , escape is impossible, the only thing left is unpallettable
    to civilized people which is a fire sale. and realize thats also what the enemies of
    the states plan , they do not care what starts the fire just that it burns completly

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