Missiles Launch TBM Iskander-M, OTR Tochka, MLRS Smerch

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TQBM Iskander-MRussian: - . English: Theatre quasi-ballistic missile system Iskander-M (eng. Iskander). GRAU designation 9720; NATO reporting name SS-26 Russian armed forces Iskander-M cruises at hypersonic speed of 2100--2600 m/s (Mach 6--7) at a height of 50 km. The Iskander-M weighs 4615 kg, carries a warhead of 710--800 kg, has a range of 500 km, and achieves a CEP (Circular error probable) of 5--7 meters. During flight the missile follow a quasi-ballistic path, performing evasive maneuvers at different altitudes and trajectories and can pull up to 20 to 30 G to evade anti-ballistic missiles. For example, in one of the trajectory modes it can dive at the target at 90 degrees at the rate of 700--800 m/s performing anti-ABM can be located not only by satellite and aircraft but also by a conventional intelligence center, or by a soldier who directs artillery fire. Targets can also be located from aerial photos scanned into the computer. The missiles can be re-targeted during flight in the case of engaging mobile targets.[4] Another unique feature of Iskander-M is the optically guided warhead, which can also be controlled by encrypted radio transmission, including such from AWACS or UAV. The electro-optical guidance system provides a self-homing capability. The missile's on-board computer receives images of the target, then locks onto the target with its sight and descends towards it at supersonic TochkaRussian: - . English: Operational tactical rocket complex Tochka (eng. Point). GRAU designation 9K79; NATO reporting name SS-21 SmerchRussian: 958 .English: Multiple Launch Rocket System Smerch (eng. Tornado).-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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