Building Stonehenge - Wally Wallington Can Move Anything!

Key Notes: Monuments like Stonehenge are found all over the globe, and can be dated back to a period beyond 4000 years. Many books and mainstream archaeologists suggest otherwise, that these monuments were built no longer than 4000 years ago. However, growing new evidence has come to light over the years that proves these structures are far older than we once 'til this day modern science and engineering cannot replicate the complexity and the ingenuity required to construct the wonders that are The Great Pyramids of Egypt. Ancient structures like Stonehenge, The Egyptian pyramids, Mesoamerican pyramids of South America etc. date back 10,000 - 12,000 years or more! What does this mean?Well I leave that up to you to go and research, find out for yourself and piece together the history of our ancient Wallington who is from Michigan is trying to replicate Stonehenge in his back yard, he has shown he can lift stones weighing over a tonne and move a barn with simple mechanisms but with a great understanding of the mechanics and himself he has been able to demonstrate it is possible to move stones the size of Stonehenge with his methods.

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