The testimony of a Fukushima Evacuee

The testimony of a Fukushima Evacuee
~From miko~
You have my consent to translate [my story] into English.
I try to limit myself to describing what I personally saw,
experienced, or what I talked about with another person.
So it's rather low-keyed.
Honestly, I can go on forever about the kind of
health issues that require medical treatment.
For example, the cousin of my acquaintance had a baby
several months after the earthquake
-- this baby was born with a hole in the heart.
Or that an acquaintance, my sister and her husband,
and another relative were all diagnosed with cancer
and had to undergo surgery.
And there were nearly 20 cases of "Nii-bon" last year.
(*The first summer "Bon" service held after death.)
There are similar episodes to share,
but I omit them on purpose -- or else people will treat me
like I've been 'mentally affected' by radiation.
I can't talk about them even if I wanted to.
That's the tragedy of Fukushima.
Miko Tsukamot

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