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New World Next Year – 2014


  • PeterKnopfler#

    PeterKnopfler December 29, 2013 4:58:35 PM CET

    2013 for me is the YEAR OF WHISTLE BLOWING and GOVERNMENT PAY BACK. JULIAN Assange with wiki Leaks, Edward Snowden with NSA, Manning versus Military, Thomas Drake, William Bennet, now Glen Greenwald, Guardian etc. THIS will continue and the World Police STATE USA, military boots on the ground in 150 countries military bases 1000 abroad 6000 at home, war economy 13 yrs now. ENDLESS war needs endless OIL needs your ENDLESS TAX MONEY.
    Climate change getting worse, prepares you for more of the same in 2014, all of 2013 will happen repeat itself only more intense. Slavery is the end result and you tax payer pays to be enslaved.
    THEME for 2014, is "What you do to others, you do to yourself". DRONES will come, what goes around comes around in 2014.
    MORE kids will play the knock out GAME and mall the shopping malls. YOUTH UP RISING in 2014. Globally 70% of population is between 13 and 23 yrs old, they will attack YOU, but you made the kids that way, blow back is pay back 2014.

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