Nelson Mandela / Ison / and the Rise of the Phoenix !

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Dec 21, 2013
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The symbolism behind Nelson Mandela's death. That Fake Hand sign interpreter and his claim to have seen angels descending. Comet Ison's re-birth as a "Phoenix out of the ashes" and how it all connects with the ritualistic London Olympic Ceremonies of you need all wrapped up in one enjoy!More on the Olympics and the Phoenix:*Special thanks and credit once again to the great Seallion!Other videos you may enjoy:The Third Putting you to SLEEP! (Vatican Secrets EXPOSED) Matrix vs 'V' - Freedom of Choice (Masonic Symbolism) Rapture of the Bride - Christ's 1000 Year Reign (Watch in HD) signs of the times are definitely here - yet despite it all, the most important thing to remember is to keep strong and faithful and to keep your focus on the one who guides us all, who holds the keys to heaven and hell. Jesus Christ. Don't know him yet? Ask. He hears you. He's waiting. And i he will not disappoint!God bless and thanks for watching.

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