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Gravity Visualized


  • Jdeardorff43#

    Jdeardorff43 December 23, 2013 4:15:47 PM CET

    Its hard to wrap your mind around how a round mass (sphere) bends space and time equally around its entire mass without opposite sides cancelling each other out.A inclusion on one side would be a protrusion on the other side,yet gravity produces a space bending dimple where the reaction to time/space being pushed inward shows no reactionary bulge on the other side((whereever that is).
    Newtons law of physics says for every action there`s a equal and opposit reaction,so where`s the push outward in relation to the collapse inward of time/space?
    I know there`s a answer to this and i`d appreciate it if somene more in the know than myself could explain this to me.

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