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Emiliano Mandarino the CUNT. People trafficker, Pimp, Pawn, and all round ass wipe!

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Dec 22, 2013
  • Hits: 488

This is a video that was shot over three years ago and may not have seen the light of day! The only reason why it is being posted now is because the hero of the vid, Emiliano Mandarino the is still a criminal and has not learned a lesson in his life and didn't take my advice to change sides before he gets exposed and before he gets a private prosecution! People, don't bother to go through the Public prosecution path.... you will get nowhere! Go private, as a witness to a crime! Only witnesses can be heard in ANY court! Do not go as a legal person, you will be dead in the water.... Admiralty water that is!! Please spread this vid and make the criminals famous cos we are gathering evidence of the crimes against humanity!! All crimes committed against the Real human by and through the legal person is Capital Punishment Fraud, and all entities committing these crimes will be in Jail soon! There's plenty of Fema concentration camps to accommodate them too!! Enjoy! Spread far and wide and let's bring this shit down once and for all!!!

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