Prepper's OILS AND Treatments

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abdominal pain To help with abdominal pain, a massage oil can be mixed as follows: •5 ml Carrier oil mixed with •1 drop of Chamomile or Calendula oil and •1 drop Clove oil and •1 drop Peppermint oil Mix together and gently massage the stomach area in a clockwise motion Bleeding small open wound, apply a compress to which the following is added: •1 drop Geranium oil •1 drop Lemon oil •1 drop Chamomile oil •1 drop Tea Tree oil Bleeding gums To prepare a mouthwash, do the following 1teaspoon of the following mixture to a glass of warm water: •3 drops of Thyme oil •2 drops of Eucalyptus oil •3 drops of Chamomile oil •3 drops of Peppermint oil •all the above diluted in 1 tablespoon brandy. Blisters Apply a drop of Lavender oil or Tea tree oil and 1 drop of Chamomile oil onto the blister Pat in thoroughly but carefully Boils To assist with boils, bathe the infected area with •2 drops Lavender oil •2 drops of Tea tree oil •1drop Juniper oil •diluted in 200 ml hot water If the inflammation is severe, add 1drop Chamomile oil Bathe the area twice a day Breathing difficulties A massage oil to assist can be made of: •5 drops Nutmeg oil •2 drops Cinnamon oil •10 drops Eucalyptus oil •10 drops Ginger oil •3 drops Rosemary oil •diluted in 30 ml vegetable carrier oil This massage oil should be rubbed around the chest and back Bronchitis Vaporize the room during the day and one hour before bedtime with a mixture of 600 ml warm water, 15 drops Eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of Oregano oil Burns minor burns, immediately apply Lavender oil neat to the burn and cover with a damp compress Chapped lips An oil can be mixed and applied to chapped lips to help ease the pain, and to assist in healing, and is formulated as follows: •20 ml Aloe vera oil •1 drop Chamomile oil •2 drops Geranium oil •1 drop Neroli oil •2 drops Rose oil Circulatory problems Use a massage oil made of the following: •2 drops Cypress essential oil •2 drops Neroli essential oil •2 drops Lemon essential oil •2 drops Geranium essential oil •in 15 ml base carrier oil and massage the areas affected Cold sores Chamomile oil, Calendula oil, Geranium essential oil or Tea tree oil neat to relieve the pain and swelling colds and flu •1 drop Cinnamon essential oil •1 drop Cloves essential oil •1 drop Eucalyptus essential oil •1 drop Niaouli essential oil •1 drop Pine essential oil Mix the above in 500 ml water, place in a spray can and shake well for the oils to mix and spray the office coughing To make a mixture to drink to help coughs, combine the following: •2 drops Eucalyptus oil •2 drops Lemon oil •mixed with 3 tablespoons honey Use 1 teaspoon of the above mixture in half a glass of warm water and sip slowly Cuts Wash and clean the cut carefully using 500 ml water to which you added 4 drops Lavender oil, 2 drops Tea tree oil and 1drop of Eucalyptus oil. Lemon juice can be used as an emergency wound sterilizer although it stings Diarrhea A massage oil with essential oils, rubbed over the abdomen area can also assist with this problem. To make the massage oil, mix the essential oils to 10 ml vegetable carrier oil: •2 drops Peppermint oil •2 drops Lavender oil •2 drops Chamomile oil •2 drops Eucalyptus oil •2 drops Geranium oil menstruation A massage oil can also be used to help in this problem, and is mixed the following way: •15 ml Jojoba oil base oil •2 drops Bay essential oil •2 drops Clary sage essential oil •2 drops Geranium essential oil •2 drops Lavender essential oil •1 drop Peppermint essential oil The massage oil can be gently massaged externally over the painful area Ear infection and earache For pain relief, mix 1 drop Clove oil and 5 ml Grape seed oil and massage around the neck and ear. If the ear infection is thought to be caused by a throat infection, gargle with a glass of boiled water containing 2 drops of Tea tree oil. Repeat every two hours Fever make a massage oil and massage the temples, back of neck, top of hands and soles of feet with it. You can make the massage oil by combining the following: •15 ml Evening primrose oil •2 drops Eucalyptus essential oil •2 drops Lavender essential oil •2 drops Peppermint essential oil •1 drop Black pepper essential oil •1 drop Tea Tree essential oil •1 drop Rosemary essential oil Flu warm bath, with some added essential oils can help boost your body when you feel that you are starting to come down with flu. When you have run the bath, add the following essential oils: •4 drops Tea tree oil •3 drops Lavender oil •1 drop Lemon oil After the bath, you could also apply a massage oil made up as follows: •10 ml Evening primrose oil •3 drops Tea tree oil •2 drops Eucalyptus oil The room can also be vaporized with Clove, Lavender and Pine essential oil to help ease the symptoms

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