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- SUBSCRIBE FOR PREDICTIONS THAT MAY AFFECT YOU - -T H E B I B L E:Some try to challenge the BIble with ignorant & vile formulas: Here is a little insight, not for the Daft, Dishonest or Disingenuous: + MOST PREVIOUS, MODERN & POST-MODERN LITERATURE+ MOST IMPACT ON MANKIND TODAY AS 1,000 + MOST PURCHASED BY MULTIPLIED FAR.+ MATHEMATICS: Earth Circular :22 (scientist thought flat up to 16C)+ SCIENCE: Prophylactic Microscopic Washings: : (discovered 20C)+ PHYSICS: 'Heat' = 'Work' :1; :19-22+ POLITY: United Nations. :8+ RELIGION: Nature of Arabs(Ishmael). :11-12+ PREDICTIONS:- Israel declared a NATION by UN: :8 - Israel born in A DAY: :8- Israel leader in FRUITS & VEGETABLES: :6; :14- Israel upcoming peace TREATY: :27- Israel HATED by world :2- Arab WAR against Israel: :2,3; :2- Israel, geographical CENTER of Earth: :5- Israel's recent OIL Discovery: Deut 33:24- Terrorists PLOT against Israel: :4- Egypt REVOLUTION :2,4- Bird, Fishes behavior can predict CALAMITIES :5, :12- Live Int'l MEDIA: :9- Demise of SCOFFERS: :9; :41- Coming RUSSIA-Middle East war against Israel: :15,16- NUCLEAR War: :22HOW TO BE SAVEDTo The Honest Enquirer, PRAY the following prayer or one similar: "LORD JESUS, I BELIEVE THAT YOU DIED ON THE CROSS FOR MY SINS. YOU WERE BURIED AND RESURRECTED. I ASK YOUR FORGIVENESS OF ALL MY SINS AND I MAKE A DECISION TO FOLLOW YOUR WORD"BELIEVE that you are forgiven. If you do, you are saved (Born Again). Visit a Bible Church and ask to be BAPTIZEDHOW TO PREPARE FOR (un-scientific pastoral suggestions

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