(YUTU)The Jade Rabbit Images ISON Heading Towards Earth IT"S ONE HUGE MUTHA!!! 12-23-2013

NO FEAR MONGERING - Chinese rover YUTU or Jade Rabbit sends images from the Moon of Comet ISON headed towards EARTH its HUGE. China Also says America never landed on moon, They say no evidence of anything ever being there, not even a golf ball tee. Chang'e-3 lunar lander, rover complete last photo session "Yutu" rover explores moon with state-of-the-art equipment lunar rover finds no evidence of American moon landings CLIP USED UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE FAIR USE ACT FOR PURPOSES OF REPORTINGMusic Under Fire - and HD stock footage under liscense to Darkskywatcher74 by Video Blocks @ Royalty free stock video and audio. Additional Royalty Free Music Provided By Purple Planet @ me @TWITTER: LIVE

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