Live: Yutu Rover "Jade Rabbit" separates from lander on the Moon

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12-15-2013 05:46 BJTFull video: Journey to the moon: Yutu separates from landerChina's "Jade Rabbit" separates from , Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- China's first moon rover, Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, separated from the lander early on Sunday, several hours after the Chang'e-3 probe soft-landed on the lunar six-wheeled rover touched the lunar surface at 4:35 , leaving deep trace on the loose lunar soil. The process was recorded by the camera on the lander and the images were sent to the transfer mechanism with Yutu aboard unlocked at 4:06 with one side reaching the moon's surface, allowing the rover to descend to the surface following a ladder the separation, the rover and lander will take photos of each other and start their own scientific 'e-3 landed on the moon's Sinus Iridum, or the Bay of Rainbows, at 9:11 Saturday, making China the third country in the world to carry out such a rover mission after the United States and former Soviet ancient Chinese mythology, Yutu was the white pet rabbit of the lunar goddess Chang'e. The name for the rover was selected following an online poll that collected several million votes from people around the : CCTV

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