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Uncovering Aliens BLACK OPS CONSPIRACY-Wilbur Allen Extreme UFOs

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  • uploaded: Dec 24, 2013
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In conjunction with Extreme EditMay not be suitable for Children*Sedona Arizona Expedition 2013 (BBC/RAW): Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet features my Sedona research Nikon D4 with AVID Media Composer /Boris Fx BCC , 64 Bit HD video processing and analysis .Animal Planets: Uncovering Aliens: features Inventor: Wilbur Allen for Discovery's Animal Planet's: Uncovering Aliens in your local listings for air

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  • Ottomatic1#

    Ottomatic1 December 26, 2013 6:56:48 PM CET

    the new UFO hunters? ( which i sort or liked)

    Or is this Finding bigfoot or I mean Ufo's

    While these are entertaining. I highly doubt Animal Planet would be allowed to put anything out there more than alfalfa for the sheep.

  • chrisheath1829#

    chrisheath1829 December 26, 2013 1:11:20 AM CET

    One of the most compelling investigative video on UFO's I have seen so far!

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