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Dr Michael Brown Schools Piers Morgan on Biblical View of Homosexuality CNN (12.19.2013)


  • Sumerianrythum#

    Sumerianrythum December 26, 2013 6:58:51 AM CET

    Arguing for the sake of arguing, and Marc Lamont Hill brought a blowgun to a tank battle. Dr. Brown says nothing about condemnation or in any way alienating someone because of their sexual preference.
    Piers Morgan is a mouth piece of the establishment, they are fighting a battle that was lost before it got on his program. Phil spoke his mind, which happens to be biblically clear as crystal, nothing going on here, please move on.

  • Arshad_Sherif_MA_MEd#

    Arshad_Sherif_MA_MEd December 25, 2013 8:38:16 AM CET

    In the segment shown here, it is not Piers Morgan who feels the full force of the counterpunch. It is Marc Lamont Hill who gets a lynching. Marc Lamont Hill used the opportunity to try and be a hero, but he fell on his face. He comes to the defense of Piers Morgan but he is totally ineffective against a Biblical scholar who came prepared to deliver a knockout. I cannot comprehend how Marc Lamont Hill teaches at Columbia University. He isn't good enough to be a student at that college. A totally incompetent Negro. Columbia University is, of course, Obama's alma mater and apparently the university feels some pressure to be a shining example of affirmative action. But an idiot who makes an idiot of himself on national TV doesn't do the university any good.

    We have a Negro for President now and he is a product of Columbia University. Now Columbia should worry less about affirmative action and more about its image as a university that employs world class faculty. A faculty that can think logically on its feet in front of an international audience. A faculty that can make cogent and meaningful arguments. Not a faculty that will disgrace itself and the university in full public view.

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