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"It's A Wonderful Lie" 100 Years of the Fed

  • Nofork160
  • uploaded: Dec 26, 2013
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MIRRORED@ we look back over the past hundred years, America has experienced the Great Depression, multiple recessions, stagflation and the loss of 99% of the dollars purchasing power - none of it wouldve been possible without the Federal Reserve, creating bubbles and bursting them, enslaving us with debt and destroying our purchasing power through inflationYes, its been a wonderful lie for the bankstersAnd many Americans are left like George Bailey. Facing the collapse of their dreams and financial ruinThere are striking parallels in Frank Capras Its a Wonderful Life to lies and tricks of the modern banker elite. Human nature doesnt change and the greedy elite of 1913 and 2013 look much like Potter

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  • Ishumble#

    Ishumble December 28, 2013 12:20:07 AM CET

    yep,people are waking up nothing like the help of truth to slap us back into reality

  • Sumerianrythum#

    Sumerianrythum December 26, 2013 5:35:16 AM CET

    Face book, Rand Paul, Politico, the Red State all have petitions to audit the Fed., and they are gaining speed, and garnering attention! If enough of us tell everyone we know, twitter is a good one for that too, we can at least force an audit of the corrupt bastards who are stealing our heritage as we speak. It is amazing to me, how many people have no idea what the Fed. even is. Freedom Connector is a great site for learning about this incredibly corrupt institution. Get involved, and I know on this site there is the brain power to share the truth about these elitists, to our friends and family. I will now remove myself from atop my soapbox.Doug

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