Ending cannabis prohibition benefits economy more than legalizing corrupt scheme

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Dec 26, 2013
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Not all casinos are rigged and not every table is tilted but the global economy sure is. There could be more local and global trade with the standard of living getting better everywhere. Ending cannabis prohibition would benefit the economy more than legalizing a corrupt scheme where people can't grow their own cannabis plants, why should only a few be allowed to make money in business with a waste of energy and resources trying to maintain an environment where people aren't growing their own cannabis and saving money? Where is the competition? Are mainstream economists being paid to downplay truth, because Math proves the cost to run any kind of business would be cheaper without prohibition, this is simple economics and students are practically being brainwashed about their future in schools, Colleges and Universities.

Investors are gambling with long term profits by not taking action to help end prohibition. Investing is gambling and the government of Canada ignored the people and changes were made to the medical marijuana program in favor of investors.

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