The Micro Chip - Now Just Months away from implementation

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Dec 27, 2013
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Not only will they be able to track you and KNOW everything your doing and everything you have done. They will literally be able to control your thoughts and emotions! They are actually doing it now with drugs. Friends wake up. It is supposedly voluntary. It is NOT voluntary. They make laws we can'y keep and when we break those laws they make us go on drugs. They pressure us into depression and then force us on drugs and the last step is a micro chip in your head. WE can be used as their slaves and we will not even complain but obey like Zombies. If we don't wake up now we will forever become their slaves. It is time we realized the truth. They are LYING. Their Doctors are sorcerers and their nurses are Witches mixing up potions to control us. I wonder if this is what the Scriptures mean when it says it is wicked to employ a witch or a sorcerer. A Doctor in LATIN means TEACHER, they teach their doctrine to deceive not to heal. Their potions make us slaves not healed. Let us all wake up friends!

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