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100% PROOF THEY ARE LYING ABOUT COMET ISON The question is, WHY are we being lied to? Two videos below show screencasts taken at the exact same time of Comet ISON 2013: Perihelion & Distance: LIVE Information. Though each of these videos should show the exact same information, they don't. This certainly explains this thread at Godlike Productions where forum readers are arguing whether or not Comet ISON is speeding up or slowing down, getting closer to the sun or further away. TPTB are giving us different information on Comet ISON. Why? You can also check the screenshots below taken at the exact same second from our two separate locations. Why are the numbers so different? The first video below was taken by Susan Duclos on the West coast. Check out the numbers she's getting on ISON, then check out the 2nd video below, taken by myself on the East Coast, showing totally different speeds and distances from the sun. You can tell by the countdown to perihilion that these two videos were taken at the exact same time. Why are they giving us two different sets of data? LET'S STOP PLAYING STUPID OKAY. SO TELL US....WHY ARE THERE NOW HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF CONFLICTING REPORTS ABOUT COMET ISON ?? FOR EXAMPLE LOOK AT THESE 2 STORIES BELOW YET...."ALL OF A SUDDEN" ISON IS NOT GONNA SURVIVE THE SUN?? HOW CAN A COMET GIVE MARS A COMA, THEN GROW WIINGS, THEN HAVE A 32,000 LONG NUCLEUS, THEN SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR? NIBIRU IS COMING EVEN THOUGH THEY KEEP GIVING IT ALL THESE OTHER "CONFUSING" NAMES....THEY KEEP DESCRIBING NIBIRU'S ENVIRONMENT EARTH MAGNETOSPHERE IS GETTING WEAK BECAUSE OF NIBIRU rticles/5758/20131122/esa-satellites-launched-to-uncover-mysteries-of-earths-weakening-magnetosphere.htm

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