Time to Prosecute Fukushima & Nuclear PR Firms Crimes against Humanity ?

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The World According to Desperate Nuclear PR Firms & Media Gate Keepers is killing people , animals , insects , ecosystems , entire pacific ocean . The Philippines Carnage was a direct result of Fukushima Radiation picked up , the speed of gamma , beta , alpha rays per second are speeds close to the speed of light .this is global warming in overdrive . 925 quadrillion Bq of contaminated water from trying to cool melted Fukushima cores in first few months after 3/11 is every second of every day till the end of time . When typhoons can only absorb radiated water the typhoons end up like f4 tornado just like the Philippines 100 mile wide tornado .Seeming as we have so much evidence against them and because their crimes are ongoing there is a urgency to act to save lives . Some of the subjects we will cover tonight are What country to hold the trials in . First we need a country that has the least number of nuclear lobbyist . Second we need it to be a county that allows hanging . Third we need the population to find out what is really happening so they can protect their loved ones by getting out of th way of the jet streams and eating right , no GMO period . Fourth we need to seize their company's legally because they broke their charters and cannibalize them to pay for the war trials . Fifth we need public trials aired live on TV to encourage people to come forward with new information . Sixth we need to know who the homeless and disabled victims are that worked on the Fukushima site and were exposed to deadly radiations , who are suffering without compensation or medical attention . We need to deal with this not hide it away by spending millions on Nuclear PR firms to murder the innocent and protect the war criminals .Rad Chick Nuke Radio - Coverup Of Radiation Exposure Of US Servicemen Near Fukushima And Operation Tomodachi 2000 plus pictures taken by The Fearless Fukushima 50 ! Leuren Moret Fukushima radiation genocide Much worse than we have been told is about how saltwater makes little nuclear engines that look like buckyballs and are not absorbed into water normally and able to travel long distances and last billions of years, its very bad news . Uranyl peroxide enhanced nuclear fuel corrosion in seawater Busted Covering Up Spikes In Fukushima Radiation simulations on the long-term dispersal of 137Cs released into the Pacific Ocean off Fukushima deathstreams have been recored by canadian Govt depositing the death plumes 9 days later around the entire coast of BC canada and it has continued for almost a 1000 days Related to Japan's Emergency - recent write up and links to 2 videos DCA Cancer killer - Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover A Cure For Cancer - Nuked Pacific with Leuren Moret & Rad Chick watch ! Chernobyl 3828 is a great site that aggegates Radiation updates and main stream media stories , acedemic studys ,and interviews with professionals , nuclear experts ,scientist and professors world wide VERY COOL PEOPLE MsMilkytheclown1 current site Chick Duclos Penry ackermann MsMilkytheclown1 older site Ebisu Backman concienciaradio Green Road Project

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