Free Will and Human Dignity: A Love Story LearnLiberty

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"Free Will and Human Dignity: A Love Story" by @LearnLiberty Get Learn Liberty updates in your inbox! is the value of free will and the ability to make your own choices? Prof. James Otteson recalls a parable his teacher taught him in high school. If you had the ability to make a woman fall in love with you, would you like it? Would you prefer to force someone to love you or to have someone offer to give their love to you freely? Love freely given is so much more valuable. This story illustrates an important moral insight: Respecting people means allowing them to make their own choices, even if you believe the choices they will make are poor. Without the ability to choose for ourselves, we lose a bit of what makes us human. Do you find it frustrating when you are not allowed to make your own decisions? What would you do differently if people or government were not preventing your actions? Do you think you're better or worse when your choices are limited or taken from you? Learn [podcast]: Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now talks to Sam Coleman, Norman Bacrac, and Camilla Martin to discuss free will and it's connection to the [article]: Roy F. Baumeister explains free will and its societal evolution over the [article]: Dr. Harold E. Schlichting Jr. defines free will and determinism and dismantles the many arguments against free [article]: Shaun Nichols of Scientific America analyzes a study on free will and peoples' perceptions of free will [article]: Lucretius poses the question of whether neuroscience refutes free [article]: Physicist Victor Stenger comes to the conclusion that free will is an illusion and points to many works and people that have come to the same claim For more resources, transcripts, videos, and more visit: Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us again on Google+! Watch more videos:

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