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UFO Sighting: ORBS & RODS- High Activity! HD 1080p (Dec 25, 2013)

Filmed this on Christmas day Dec 25, 2013 in Newport Beach CA. The session started with a small double orb flying by my deck. Once I followed it with the camera a flurry of orbs and rods came into frame. The video shows clear footage of multiple orbs flying around and various rods and cigar shaped ufos flying very fast. At 2:35 the video shows a breakdown of each ufo filmed. There were in total 5 different types. Digital Zoom and slow motion by Jim Martin and edited by Lewis to Summon UFOS by Robert Bingham: Craft with ET Pilot- Nov 2013: SHIP-FLYING SAUCER: V Shape Craft OCT 2013: Sighting Plasma ORB Clear Footage HD: Summoning Event South Gate CA: Double Orbs OCT 2013: Orbs Oct 2013:

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