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AFP Confrence Nov 9th 2013 Guest Speaker Paul Formm


I was able to catch Paul Formm talk about some laws that I feel will be showing there way into the United States courtrooms in 2014. We must prepare for battels on all christian frontlines in 2014.
Christians must rally together and become soliders for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Recently homosexual agenda has clearly demonstrates how intensely aggressive and intolerant the radicals pushing the same-sex marriage agenda are... and how far they will go to ensure that religious views about sex and marriage are altogether removed from the public square!

How's that for citizenship 'rights' in America? So that same-sex couples can redefine marriage to suit their own desires, the first amendment rights of all artists — poets and painters, florists and bakers, musicians and photographers — will be delineated by what the courts decide constitutes 'expression.' Lawsuits are and will be in courtrooms in 2014. We must oppose the world and they who are the gods of it.
Watch this film and share with others with Christian family values.

In Jesus Christ Services
Wayne Morin Jr

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