Alien planet found by newest Brown Dwarf stars close* to our Solar System!

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Astronomers have detected evidence of a possible planet by the 3rd closest star system in our stellar neighborhood. Kevin Luhman of Penn State's Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds made the awesome find by the a pair of brown dwarfs or as professional science likes to call them .......failed stars. I don't like to call them that. I think that terminology is stupid. Who names crap in science? Dwarf? Failed Star? Dirty Snowball? Seriously. Get some imagination. We may have the closest exoplanet known to us Earthlings here on Earth. That's cool right? I wonder how many astronomical units it is away from the two red baby soon* to be born stars? Is Jupiter a Brown Dwarf waiting to hatch? Oh. And we started sending them television broadcasts and transmissions back in 2006. So if there if there is any life on that planet. They just started receiving them now. They dug this data out of the WISE collection of information. Thanks to Amy Mainzer and the NASA & JPL Jet Propulsion Lab team. The Brown Red Orange dwarf system has been nicknamed Luhman 16AB but is officially classified as WISE It is 6 light years away almost as close as Bernard's Star and the Alpha Centauri systems. Kinda cool am I right? Wide Field Infrared Survey explorer would be fun to use. Am I right? That dwarf needs mass then fusion baby! The article was written by Megan Gannon for then it was copied and pasted everywhere else. Bernard's Star & Alpha Centauri are closer!'s get extraterrestrial y'all!God Bless Everyone!TWant to talk about it?meet me on the tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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