HempCrete Strongest Building material in Nature

  • Uploaded by Nofork160 on Dec 29, 2013
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Hemp has always been a cash crop. Fuel may be the most important product you can get from hemp for our growing energy needs, but there are literally thousands of different products you can make from hemp. From clothing, to makeup, to biodegradable plastics, it's pretty much a miracle plant. It has 4x the yield of tobacco, is incredibly resilient to changes in environment and it grows very quickly. I would argue that hemp would be a staple in any sustainable society. It's really a shame that it's illegal in the HOUSES - End World Poverty & Homelessness 4EVER !! FUEL : End The Worlds Fuel & Energy Crisis 4ever !! FOODS : End World Hunger - Food Stortages & GMO 4EVER !! Bio-DeGradable Plastics - End World Pollution 4EVER !!!

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