A Quantum Healing Prayer: 'How your mind creates REALITY!' [Law Of Attraction]

You may want to shoot ahead in his video for the first 5 mins is him talking about what he is going to be talking about. At first I thought it was just an ad for his book. This is an excerpt from Joseph Murphy's.."Power of your Sub Conscious Mind" A great book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reZbvdM1_xs
The Prayer:
"My body and all it's organs
were created by the
infinite intelligence
in my subconscious mind.
It knows how to
heal me.
It's wisdom fashioned
all my organs, tissues,
muscle and bones.
This infinite healing
presence within me is
now transforming
every atom of my
being making me
whole and perfect
I give thanks for my
healing I know is taking
place now.
are the works of the
creative intelligence
within me."

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