Pentagon Strike September 11th 2001

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Due to copyright reasons YouTube would mute this video so I changed the track: Home World Soundtrack. Swarmer Battle Music by Paul Ruskay -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Darren Williams took the Internet by storm with his short sharp Flash video entitled 'Pentagon Strike.'This video clip packs all of the essential points of the most crucial piece of physical evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, namely the Pentagon this fast paced and information packed presentation, he captured the imagination of millions of Internet viewers: the original servers to carry the video crumbled under the load. The video was so wildly popular that even the official organs of the Shadow Government felt obliged to respond: on pentagon strike flash videoOctober 7 2004, the Washington Post wrote a piece predictably entitled "Conspiracy Theories Flourish on the Internet". They had even had the gall to quote the opinion of Philip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Omission. *

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