The TRUTH About Tamiflu

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A frozen vial of a deadly virus is missing from a bioterror lab in Texas. The Houston Chronicle reports officials at the Galveston National Laboratory say the vial may have been accidentally destroyed during routine cleaning, but they're not sure. The virus, called Guanarito, is from Venezuela and it's a serious one. It causes Ebola-like symptoms, and there's no treatment. The lab says it's highly unlikely it was stolen. rticle/2013/03/26/lab-loses-vial-ebola-type-virus •Virus called 'Guanarito' causes ebola-like symptoms •Lab officials: Highly unlikely virus was stolen •May have been accidentally destroyed during routine cleaning truth about tamiflu The TRUTH About Tamiflu How to Beat and Prevent the Avian Flu and Other Influenzas Dangerous virus killing dogs Deadly new virus attacking dogs A vial of deadly virus disappeared from a LAB in Houston a few months ago

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